Support for virtual biocourse, conservation of real biomass

Until now, the terms of biodiversity or extinction of various biological species were only found in scientific articles. But today, the damage that threatens the extinction of our ecosystem is unobtrusive.

Every year around the world, many activities are carried out by various centers to increase public understanding of biodiversity. Many of these activities can be provided in cyberspace by a platform such as the advocate of the atmosphere, which is itself a boom starter boom that has prevented the entry of governments, pseudo-government and productive, and has based only on the trust of its people. .

She is committed to working with environmental activists and managing the species and environment of our country to manage any campaign to promote the knowledge of conservation of ecosystems. Because it believes in this, with the solidarity of the community and its support for the virtual ecosystem and the startup space, one can protect the real ecosystem around it.

Simply taking pictures or filming the scenes of environmental degradation, and publishing these photos and videos in cyberspace and regret it. We must teach each other and learn from each other how to protect our ecosystem and biodiversity. The macro policies of governments and their respective organs will surely have a huge impact on environmental and biodiversity, but we should not forget our role and our contribution as the smallest component of environmental protection.

Biodiversity provides people with livelihoods and sustainable development in all areas, including economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism. By helping to preserve biodiversity, we are investing in people’s livelihood and livelihood.

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