Meet the Center for Conservation and Development of Sustainable Ecosystems (ZIPAK)

NGO … the participation of people from planning to implementation

ZIPAK is approved and registered by the Interior Ministry as a national Non-Governmental and Non-profit Organization, in 2014. This center works mainly in the field of “Environment and Natural Resources” and the main objective of ZIPAK activities is “ecosystem management of nature”. This non-governmental organization having relevant and successful experiences since past years, in partnership with the National Network of NGOs and other national and international institutions and agencies, and then has necessary competences and capabilities to achieve the desired goals.

Subject: Environment and Natural Resources

Scope: At the National Level

Board of directors:

Managing Director: Dr Mina Esteghamat

Chairman: Dr Siavash Aghakhani


Integrated ecosystem management of nature with the participation of all stakeholder groups towards bio-cultural diversity conservation and provide sustainable livelihoods to ensure the ecosystem sustainability