Active representation in the National Network of NGOs

  • Communication with the international agencies such as IUCN, FAO, UNDP and other environmental conventions including UNCCD, UNFCCC, UNCBD


Facilitation and involvement in the national and international workshops of:

  • Implementation of protected areas management plans with an emphasis on the participation of indigenous people and local communities
  • Participatory Project Writing
  • Facilitation of the international workshop on water management in the world forestry congress, South Africa and receive the facilitation certificate from FAO

Management or Partnership in the projects of:

  • Desk study on the legal framework and feasibility on ‘Public Private Partnerships’ (ppp) as an approach of participatory site management of protected areas in Iran
  • Developing the Ecosystem Management Program of Poldokhtar Wetlands, Lorestan Province with Participation of stakeholder groups
  • Translations of outputs, documents and guidelines related to the national project: “Assistance to Strengthening the Resilience of Zagros Forests to Oak Decline and Caspian Forests to Boxwood Blight and Development of National Forest Monitoring System in the Islamic Republic of Iran” in cooperation with FAO and FRWO
  • Compilation and filling the “Biosphere Reserve Nomination Form” and preparing the annexes, in order to nominate Kopet Dagh in North Khorasan Province as the country’s 13th biosphere reserve at UNESCO, under the supervision of DoE.
  • Development and Implementation of Participatory Management Model in Bashgol Protected Area, Qazvin, 2016-2017
  • Development of a Participatory Action Plan towards ecosystem-based management of PolDokhtar & BishehDalan wetlands, Lorestan, 2016-2017
  • Participatory management of “Golul Sarani” protected area, with the approach of peace parks (TBC) and Transboundary Biosphere Reserve (TBR).
  • Verifying the Action plan of Conservation and Sustainable Development of Central Zagros, with Lima Action Plan 2016-2025
  • Awareness raising of local community on environmental and natural resources issues. Rigan, Kerman. Seed grant of: RFLDL Project, by FRWO & FAO.
  • Conservation of Mighan Wetland through wise utilization and sustainable tourism with the participation of local communities. Seed grant of CIWP Project, by: DoE & UNDP.
  • Prevention and Control of Oak Decline in Forest Ecosystems of Zagros Region, Iran
  • Facilitation and assistance in organizing the local communities by forming CBOs and establishment of local funds aims to secure the community’s official status in sustainable management of natural resources
  • Participatory GIS for encountering the tribal territory boundaries
  • Revision of the management plans of the Country’s biosphere reserves
  • Member of steering committee in the project of: “Multifunctional landscape management framework in Caspian forests to protect biodiversity” by FRWO & UNDP
  • The urban Project of “community-based learning about the environment”
  • Negotiating with FRWO, Forest Dep., to invite the international expert for participatory management of Prosopis juliflora, the invasive species in south of Iran.
  • Three SGP projects in tribal territories with emphasize on bio-cultural diversity conservation, restoration of water resources customary management and community-based ecotourism
  • The role of small scale livestock farming in climate change and food security

Participate in the meetings of planning and policy making in relevant organizations including FRWO and DoE to review, revise and developing the national action plans and the related laws of natural resources and environmental management, in accordance with participatory and ecosystem approaches:

  • Sixth national development plan with the aim of content enriching by representatives of NGOs national network
  • Member of the Committee of Article 21 to increase agricultural and natural resources productivity
  • The program of optimizing the monitoring, conservation, sustainable use and management of the country’s forests (forest resting Act)


Participation and presentation at the national and international meetings and congresses, to exchange the experiences and approaches in management of natural resources and the environment including:

  • August 2009. World Congress of Agroforestry.
  • October 2011. ICCA Consortium Work planning.
  • December 2012. UNFCCC COP18.
  • April 2013. Second Scientific Conference of UNCCD.
  • November 2014. World Parks Congress.
  • June 2015. Expert Consultation Meeting on “developing the criteria and indicators of forest and rangeland management”.
  • South Africa. September 2015. World Forestry Congress 2015;
  • S. Iran Symposium on Wetlands and Marshes Management. March 2016, USA;
  • Joint meeting with IUCN ROWA to negotiate for cooperation in Iran. 2017, Jordan.

And numerous national meetings and congresses regarding sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.